Monday, January 19, 2009

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning:

ITSL Provides the complete ERP solutions which help in tying together and automating of diverse components of a company’s operations, including ordering, fulfillment, staffing, and accounting. This integration is usually done using ERP software tools. It is an industry term for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that helps a manufacturer or other business manages the important parts of its business, including product planning, parts purchasing, and maintaining inventories. Modules of ERP System ,HR / Payroll Security and User control Manufacturing and Production Taxation and excise ,Service and CRM Document Management System Inventory Management Purchase and Accounts Sales and Marketing Inspection.


  • Easy maintenance of large volume of data. No delay in retrieval of information.
  • Robust and unlimited security system.
  • Easy Report generation.
  • Lesser manpower and manual work.


  • A single system to streamline the entire business Instant and complete business information
  • Centralized database and employee independent system Integrated and multimode drawing system
  • Providing timely, need based and quick reports
  • Simple(drag and drop) and comprehensive reporting system
  • Reducing processing time for routine tasks
  • Maintenance and support services

Itsl Proves there work of erp implementation that can be shown in our Portfolio also you can see SAP Business One Implementation with our esteemed clients

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