Friday, January 30, 2009

Inventory Tracking System

Inventory tracking system Software is best used in manufacturing and production also use for storage purpose Itsl give you best support for inventory some more explanation is given below.

The System maintains an inventory of all Items that are in stock , the information regarding the issue by one location and receipt of the items to the other location. It also maintains Information Regarding the Equipments in the Company such as Operation performed by the machines. The System Maintains the record of Tools being issued to which Operator according to the Daily Attendance basis.

Beyond this system maintains the information regarding the Customer’s, Vendor’s, Item’s, and Machine’s, in detail
Features of Inventory Tracking System

  • End User Delivery : Critical information can be available to every employee for the proper functioning
  • Work Order tracking
  • Security Check
  • Category Maintenance
  • Issue and receipt of items, tools against the barcode scanning on daily basis
  • Employee Attendance tracking also on the scanning of barcode
  • Opportunity of Inventory Tracking System
  • Now it will be easy to maintain the inventory of the company store’s Now it can be easily tracked which items were issued from which store and whether received by the destination store
  • Now it can be recorded which person has got the tool issued according to attendance basis
  • Now it will be easy to get the information regarding the item stock in the inventory
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