Monday, February 2, 2009

Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management (HRM) is considered to perform with the clear goal of providing practical techniques for managing an organization work flow. Storing, updating and accessing employee records and information with paper based files is difficult and time consuming.

The module specialized in the administration of the operations at the human resources area and the generation of information on the management associated with the administration of the organization chart, which includes a career plan with detailed descriptions of the positions, responsibilities and tasks.

Why HRM Module? Company always want to keep a track of all the employees working in the company be at any level which can be: Personal , Professional and Educational Information of each employee Regarding Salary Calculations inclusive of all leaves, Entitlement Heads and overtime. Keeping the track of Attendance of each employee be it using Fingertec MachineLoan Grant and then can keep a tack of installment to be taken

Features of HRM Module

Basic Data Master Data:

• Types of Entitlement Heads
• Types of Entitlement Categories
• Types of Entitlement Rule, Holiday, Bank, Salary

Grade Transaction Data:

Loan application /Approval
Leave Application/Approval Entitlement Detail i.e. Calculation of salary per month Medical Claim, LTA Claim, Training Feedback Form

ITSL HRM software solution allows you to professionally prepare your Human resources documentation & manage personnel records.

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